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Respected friends:

First of all, on behalf of my Company’s whole staff I express heartfelt thanks to all friends for their support and solicitude having been given for many years. Up to day, the Ganghua has taken nearly 20 years’ development paths. It may be called 20 years’ pioneering work, 20 years’ trials and hardship, and 20 years’ abundant achievements. During the past 20 years, the Ganghua has sought existence from challenges, has sought development amidst opportunities and has been growing steadily under the warm care and energetic support of the friends in all walks of life, having grown into a bright new star in the welding fields.

Recalling the past, the ordinary pictures and passionate scenes still come clearly into view, which represent a vivid picture scroll describing the Ganghua Men’s hard pioneering and pledging their devotion to development. It is the passion contained in the evenness that constitutes a phase of history of its advance and creates a long scroll in which hard struggling of Ganghua Men is depicted.

On the occasion of the eighteenth birthday of the Ganghua Welding Materials Co. Ltd. The Ganghua Men are willing to cooperate sincerely with the friends in all walks of life, offering excellent services for the mass of customers. The road being endless, the Ganghua Men always act on the belief of “The customers’ contentment is our eternal pursuit”, making full use of the experience in design and manufacture having been accumulated for nearly 20 years, and taking as our aim offering the excellent solution for customers so as to meet the ever-growing needs of the customers, both new and old.

We choose, with the friends in all walks of life, to join hands forever, jointly seeking development, jointly winning brilliant achievements and jointly winning the future.
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